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Anonymous whispered: Why do u care if someone stole ur gifs? This website is to share ur stuff that's the whole point of it if u don't want people to steal ur shit don't post it

The fact that you would ask me such a question is quite sad…perhaps you don’t understand, in which I pity you. The whole point of this website is for talented people to share their work and as a community respect their work by reblogging/liking their post, not stealing their work and posting it as your own. How would you feel if you spent hours working on those gifs and then have some moron steal them from you and be ok with it???? 


(ignore the crappy edits above) I have reached 1000 followers!! SO i decided to do a follow forever! If you are tagged in this you are awesome and ily and we should definitely talk if i forgot anyone im sorry (( 


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And here are all the blogs that are not hockey related but are still very amazing you guys dont follow me but thats okay becuz i just admire your perfect posts as they appear on my dash

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We all know Hank is the real king of swag tbh

I’m only watching the kca for Hank tbh

Hank :))))

I’m not in NY right now, sorry I won’t be able to gif anything from the espys or the kids choice awards. If nobody makes them I will as soon as I get home on Wednesday

sir-price whispered: Hey, just wanted to say that the photo set of Henrik and Charlise Lundqvist that you reblogged from riemsdyker is made up from gifs they stole from martybiron. If you look you can see her watermark in some of the gifs. Just thought I let you know :)


Thank you for letting me know!!! I hate when people steal other people’s gifs and edits. People put so much effort and time into creating them and it’s incredibly rude when other people just take them and re-post them as if it’s their own.
(I’m answering this publicly so other people know as well.)

Thank you for the support everyone! Even though this character chose to ignore me I’m glad I have you guys!

We sat in the car for 6 hrs listening to kpop and now that we’re home we’re still watching & listening to kpop, this addiction will never end